Launched in 2011, Rahya Jewelry Design was created with the strong influence of nature and organic form. Rahya's unique vision and strong aesthetic is translated into each Collection. Influenced by mid-century modern design, her jewelry captures timeless composition, and celebrates simplicity and integration with nature.

Rahya Jewelry Design was created for the modern, minimal and elegant woman in mind. With this aesthetic, the collection is accentuated by timeless, yet relevant style. The collection is thoughtfully designed with the highest standard of craftsmanship and carefully finished by hand. Every piece of jewelry in the Collection is unique and handmade.




Our custom designed ear backs mimic the signature Sage collection's shape and balance the earring counterpoint perfectly. The signature ear backs are designed to work with the jewelry collection, completing the cohesive design of the work.



All of our stud earrings are designed with medical grade-surgical steel ear posts, so even the most sensitive ears can join the earring party too.