Earring Stacks: 6 Curated Collections

I am a minimalist at heart, but one piercing is simply not enough anymore. We carefully curated a set of 6 collections of our most popular stud earrings in combinations to fit everyones style. Multiple piercings, layering earrings, ear cuffs and jackets are so hot right now and an easy way to change your everyday jewelry rotation. Assembling the perfect layered look is an art form in itself; when designing anything for the collection, I always pay attention to how pieces work together for longevity of style.

Our stud earrings can easily be paired together for a countless amount of combinations. The new earring stack collections are a great place to start with a new personal stud collection or for inspiration when trying to pick out earrings to pair in multiple piercings.

I love the Sage Statement Stack; the Sage Statement Earring with the Sage Stud fans on the ear lobe so perfectly as if it were one earring. The cohesive shapes of this particular collection allows asymmetry and mismatched earrings to seem intentional and balanced.